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Right of retractation

The Customer (consuming within the meaning of the law 6.4.2010 relating To thePractices of the Market and the Consumer protection) has the right to notify ZAABARwhich it gives up the purchase without penalty and indication of reason. However, withinsight of the perishable nature of the product this act of retractation cannot take place atthe latest 2 working days before the estimated delivery date. At the end of this period,ZAABAR reserves the right to refuse the refunding of purchase. Any order sent could notbe prone to the renunciation of purchase. The notification of the Customer must takeplace by e-mail to
On this occasion and since the purchaser will have respected the time concernedherebefore, he will see himself confirming by an email the acceptance of therenunciation. ZAABAR will carry out refunding by transfer on bank account whosenumber will have to necessarily be indicated in e-mail of notification of return. Refundingwill be carried out within a 30 days maximum delay as from the day when ZAABAR willhave taken note of the will of renunciation.